Mayweather May Fight a Woman Next says Jim Lampley

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Jim Lampley reactions at Mayweather vs Mcgregor Figth

Jim Lampley, who is a piece of the communications group for HBO’s World Championship Boxing, does not trust Floyd Mayweather Jr. will stay in retirement.

He completely anticipates that Mayweather will come back to the ring and battle once more.Mayweather, 40 years of age, was in real life a month ago, when he came back to boxing following two years of being in retirement.

The previous five division best on the planet ventured in the ring with UFC whiz Conor McGregor, who was making his expert presentation in boxing.

Mayweather did almost no in an initial couple of rounds, enabling McGregor to get off to a decent begin. Be that as it may, once Mayweather went ahead, he started to separate McGregor and in the long run halted him in the tenth round.

With the compensation per-see buy rate likely dropping down at more than 4 million, Mayweather stands to make a detailed whole of $300 million when the greater part of the income is tallied up.

Lampley thought next to no of that occasion, however, trusts Mayweather will at present keep on fighting – and says perhaps he ought to do as such against a lady – which could possibly be a poke at Mayweather’s past issues with aggressive behavior at home.

“I haven’t seen [Mayweather-McGregor]. I saw the stoppage, that is all I saw. What’s more, I saw the CompuBox numbers, which revealed to me what occurred in the battle. I figure Floyd made a splendid showing with regards to of doing what he expected to do in the battle and giving the MMA wish-customers a comment on to – ‘gracious, Conor won the initial three rounds.’ I was shocked with the quality of boxing specialists who acknowledged the idea that Floyd is really resigned,” Lampley told

“Why might you be really resigned when you can profit that effortlessly? Why not battle a lady next? I think there is a wide range of routes for Floyd to profit. Also, I anticipate that he will profit.”

“I think Mayweather-McGregor is as of now overlooked and by one week from now it will be far more overlooked [when Canelo Alvarez battles Gennady Golovkin]. You will see something fabulous one weekend from now – which will be a fire-battle, which will be a gifted bout between two truly talented warriors. There won’t be any 40-year-olds in the ring and there won’t be any kickboxers in the ring.”

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