10 Best Wide Feet Basketball Shoes

Finding a wide feet basketball shoes an agreeable, appropriate fitting shoe when you have wide feet can be an incredible difficulty. In some cases it may appear that those wide-feeted baskeball players are living in a thin fitted world.

What’s more, if finding a Wide Feet Basketball Shoes to play indoor basketball (also to some degree in vogue) was not the most exceedingly bad of your issues, there are likewise the issues of discovering wide feet basketball shoes with legitimate curve support to help redress a portion of the issues realized by having wide, level feet. Give us a chance to enable you to locate the best wide feet basketball shoes.

Be that as it may, fortunately ball is where various players have rather expansive feet, so this issue isn’t the most adverse. Contrasted with finding a solid match in different kinds of games shoes, finding only the correct wide feet basketball shoes is simple. Be that as it mayrequires a tad of earlier information and comprehension of what precisely to search for. With the assistance of this rundown, you never again should revile your folks for giving you those wide feet.

What to Look for When Buying Wide Feet Basketball Shoes?

When searching for a Wide Feet Basketball Shoes that will fit well for your wide feet, it is vital to first find the material of each shoe. The all the more lenient that the material is, the more that the shoe will be adaptable and ready to wrap around a wide foot. In the event that the shoe is hard, at that point there will be little give-in the foot region of the shoe. Finding a wide feet basketball shoes that is adaptable is significantly simpler these days, than say, five years ago. The sheer measure of sewed or woven material in these wide feet basketball shoes is perfect for the wide foot. Manufactured calfskin isn’t the best material to pick since it doesn’t extend or form well with your foot. Woven or sewed materials will suit your wide foot pleasantly, BUT they may extend a lot which abandons you without great help and opens you up to turned lower leg wounds! We’ve attempted to locate the best of the two universes in our audit.

Another trap is simply take a gander at the external sole of the shoe. In the event that the material and footing design appears to be bigger or extends on for longer than the normal basketball shoe, at that point that implies the genuine part of the shoe will provide food towards the more extensive foot.

At last, this rundown will rank these shoes as per the general nature of the shoe. In the event that you were scanning for only a shoe that will fit serenely, at that point you won’t not have the best shoe for the court. Those with wide feet have a tendency to have level feet, implying that curve bolster is perfect in a shoe. Additionally, footing, lower leg bolster, style, cost, and weight ought to be considered when obtaining one of these sets of shoes. Exclusively having wide feet does not mean you ought to be kept down with regards to on-court execution. In this way, here is the rundown:

Adidas D Lillard 2.0

The greater part of the shoes on this rundown so far have been taken into account those with wide feet that lean toward a mid-cut or high-cut style. The D Lillard 2.0 is one of the lightest, low profile shoes out in stores at this moment. Like a considerable measure of different Adidas models, this shoe has one adaptation made with coordinated engineered cowhide material and one made with mark Adidas’ primeknit. Both of these function admirably with wide feet, yet according to regular, the primeknit or the woven jacquard is the more secure wager with somewhat more give. Engineered is somewhat less lenient with regards to embellishment to your foot.

Concerning the specs, this shoe has stunning footing, because of a tire organization making the external underside, and concentrating on great elastic with a lot of footing. The padding is brilliant, and the shoe is cozy, keeping your foot contained without confining it. The engineered material that goes ahead the customary variant of the D Lillard 2.0 is as delicate as can be, making this shoe one of the comfiest you will attempt.

With regards to the value extend, these shoes are on the low end, and for some odd reason, the primeknit form is significantly less expensive. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are not very stressed over lower leg support or rollover potential, at that point this may be the shoe for you.

Adidas D Rose 6 Primeknit

We really wanted to include these shoes which are not the most up to date D Rose model available (hit the market in 2015), yet got an abundant excess positive criticism for being wide-foot cordial! From brilliant foot sole area support to lightweight and great lower leg bolster, these shoes (nearly) have everything! Furthermore, recall, get the primeknit form as opposed to manufactured calfskin, so they’ll embrace your wide foot better. The main downside (which might be relatively imperceptible) is the way that the D Rose 6 has such great padding, that a few players have noticed that it’s not exactly as responsive on the court as less padded models. Keep in mind, the all the more padding, the less “court feel” you’ll have since there’s a layer of flexible material that packs and moves, between your foot and the genuine hardwood. Something else, the colossal value point and sparkling audits ought to get you amped up for this choice.

Adidas Original Men’s D Rose 8

Similar to the player this is named after, the Adidas D Rose 8 is an out and out great shoe (in spite of the fact that I don’t know whether these will be the reason for various wounds). It is adaptable and lightweight, accompanies great footing and is stylishly satisfying in a kind of insane way. The D Rose 8 isn’t excessively not the same as the Nike Hyperdunk, with the cost and specs, yet Adidas does dependably figure out how to do things their own specific manner.

The D Rose 8 is another shoe that has a standard variant and a sewed rendition. The primeknit rendition is presumably the one to purchase in the event that you are screwed over thanks to wide feet. Yet, Adidas does not take the weaving idea to the extent Nike does, layering the sew with an average measure of more steady engineered materials. The primeknit does not have a similar cool lower leg neckline that the flyknit Nike Hyperdunk 2016’s have. The attack of these shoes is one of the better ones that you will feel, as within bootie feels really cozy when you are in them. Furthermore, the padding works great to give you a touch of a touchy edge. The main reason that you should need to consider the Hyperdunk’s over these is the marginally less adaptable material that these D Rose 8’s are made of.

Nike LeBron XIII

In the event that LeBron James will put his name on a shoe, he would be advised to like it. Particularly in the event that it is as expensive and exceptionally touted as Nike is making this shoe. Taking a gander at his details, he is 6’8 and 250 lbs., so regardless of whether he doesn’t have wide feet, he will require a major wide feet basketball shoes that can deal with the two his weight and his immense feet.

The LeBron XIII are a portion of the best “huge man” Wide Feet Basketball Shoes that Nike brings to the table, and they are the absolute most costly huge brand shoes that you can purchase. The shoe is made out of a wide range of materials, began with a breathable work, one-piece sleeve. At that point Nike included Hyperposite material in various territories on the shoe to give it more unbending nature where it needs to, without cramping your foot. These are set in the ideal zones with the goal that you have the help that you require on the court. At last, the LeBron XIII’s are done off with Flywire links that give the work somewhat to a greater extent a structure, so that there isn’t excessively give. Yet at the same time, this is unquestionably the best Nike (non-Jordan) shoe that cash can purchase for a wide foot. It’s definitely one of the best ball shoes for wide feet.

Jordan Men’s Air XXXI

At the top of our list of best basketball shoes for wide feet is the Jordan Men’s Air XXXI. The Jordan brand as a whole tends to be some of the best for wide feet. The material and shapes that they use work well with those with wide feet. Much of this dates back to the first every Air Jordan I’s, which were a shoe that was stylistically adapted for those with wide feet.

The Men’s Air XXXI has some excellent features, but it’s not without its drawbacks either. The transition between the weave at the front of the shoe, to the synthetic leather on the back, is done very well, and it feels natural and exceptionally functional once you’re strapped in. It is interestingly designed with Nike’s signature flyweave technology giving the actual foot portion of the shoe a flexible and comfortable feel. The inner sleeve allows for a bit of give, and the flyweave is constructive without cramping your foot into a tight space. As we move up the shoe itself, we see the flyweave turns into a leather upper that provides a good amount of ankle support for those big players who might be worrying about their ankles. But, this gives it an incredibly interesting and unique look, with the gradual transition from one material to the other. So, they still have the same old Jordan look to them, but with a high-performance twist.

The heel lockdown is also done well with the inner boot working well with the synthetic exterior to support your heel and ankle with luxury and style. There’s room for an ankle brace if you wear one! Seriously, you “wide-footers” will love this shoe! It has a slightly wider toe box than a typical shoe, so it’s almost as though they were specifically made for a wider foot.

These Air Jordans settle in pretty high on the cost chart of the shoes on this list but are slightly less than getting a pair of high quality, knitted basketball shoes. One aspect to look out for might also be the traction, which is less than ideal for a somewhat dusty or slippery floor. Overall, these would be our recommendation for a bigger player or a wide foot.


Under Armour Fireshot

The Fireshot gets good grades from us since it tends to offer a standout amongst other mixes of help and solace for wide feet. It contains UA’s Mico-G innovation. Miniaturized scale G is a froth that is exceptional to Under Armor, and it is the sole stage for the shoe that takes into account a padded, bouncy feel that is likewise responsive on the court. It’s 30% more slender than other contenders’ exclusive froth innovation which implies not so much weight, but rather more responsiveness and “court feel” than different brands. We think this is the best of the two universes in case you’re searching for both “skip” (encourages you hop higher) and brisk responsiveness on the court when you stop or turn rapidly (you don’t need a delicate, bouncy underside to give your foot a chance to slide over the edge to a lower leg sprain!).

The material that the Fireshot is made out of is agreeable, delicate, malleable. This is the main Under Armor shoe that is made out of this kind of work material, and this is another in addition to for those with wide feet. This will permit your foot somewhat more space than in various other Under Armor b-ball shoes.

With respect to different specs, the footing on this shoe isn’t incredible, and it isn’t a remarkably padded shoe. Be that as it may, it isn’t excessively expensive and it is tough. The shoe will last you, which is amazing seeing as it is made with such adaptable material.

It would appear that our assessment on this current shoe’s execution is shared by a considerable measure of fulfilled clients around the globe. You can begin your look for client surveys (other than our own) at Amazon.

Under Armour Curry 3 Zero

This shoe is UA’s most recent offering for 2017 and 2018. Up until now, we have not attempted this shoe by and by in light of the fact that it’s like past Curry models. We’ve had incredible encounters with UA shoes before, and for wide feet, UA keeps on exceeding expectations by offering a rear area soundness framework so wide feet won’t effectively slide off of a restricted bottom amid horizontal developments. Here’s UA’s component list for the Curry 3 Zero ideal from their site (see visual cue #3);

Strengthened work upper for unfathomably light, breathable help

Open-holed work tongue development for upgraded ventilation

Movable rear area dependability framework keeps the foot secured

Scraped spot safe TPU toe top secures against toe drag and expands strength

Hostile to smell formed Ortholite® sockliner molds to the state of the foot for additional underneath comfort

Double thickness padded sole consolidates Micro G® froth with Charged Cushioning® under the foot rear area, for a definitive mix of delicate solace and unstable vitality return

Meta-wing TPU shank gives secured solidness through rear area, curve and forefoot

Outsole highlights signature nitty gritty footing design for most extreme floor control and hold.

Air Jordan CP3.X

Here’s another low profile wide feet basketball shoes with the name of the amusement’s best player ever behind it! (if you don’t mind reveal to me you needn’t bother with me to spell his name for you!) Like various other Jordan mark shoes, the CP3.X is created in a way that takes into consideration wide feet, and it does as such with an easy-going material. The wide feet basketball shoes is made with a breathable woven material that will permit your foot all the room that it needs to fit into the shoe serenely.

By and large, this isn’t the best low profile shoe on the rundown, however it is to some degree financially savvy, as is a significant part of the CP3 line. It won’t represent the moment of truth your execution on the court, yet it certainly gives enough space for wide feet to not feel pounded by the edges of the shoe.

One of the features of this shoe is really the padding that is incorporated with the shoe. It won’t wear out your feet, abandoning them sore. That can particularly be the situation on the off chance that you have level feet that may overstate some foot torment.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2017

All things considered, the Hyperdunk line is very equivalent to the CP3 line, just in a high-top form with somewhat more lower leg bolster. The Hyperdunk 2017 offers the wide make in the same way as the CP3.X, yet where it varies is the material. Like various best b-ball shoes nowadays, the Hyperdunk 2017 comes in two distinct adaptations, one being general (same feel as the CP3.X) and the other is flyknit. In the event that you are stressed over how wide feet basketball shoes will fit in your legs, the flyknit variant is the one to purchase, in spite of the fact that it is an arrangement pricier. Nike additionally has an estimating manual that will help you in picking the right size.

Like the CP3.X, the Hyperdunk 2017 isn’t the best shoe ever, however it will take care of business and it won’t hurt wide feet. We’ve had a few analysts let us know the Hyperdunk simply isn’t sufficiently wide and they don’t fit well. We concur, notwithstanding, the meaning of “wide feet” will fluctuate unfathomably among players, and we do realize that the Hyperdunks fit a few clients with “wide feet” extremely well. It’s only a question of experimentation. The footing on these shoes is magnificent and it is easily a la mode. It is an overall decent shoe yet presumably it won’t in a split second influence you to love them. In any case, you won’t loathe them, and relying upon the state of your foot, you may discover them super-agreeable and responsive. One thing to include is that the flyknit variant is strangely attractive. It comes absolutely made out of weaved material, and there is a sewn lower leg neckline that gives amazing help, while not seeming as though whatever else in the realm of ball shoes.

Under Armour Men’s Drive 4

Here’s an amazing section into our best 10 best wide feet basketball shoes for wide feet indoor basketball players – at any rate for me! These Under Armor shoes have some extremely solid highlights which made it difficult to forget them! Right off the bat, the footing is stellar. Such a significant number of shoes are censured for unremarkable to poor footing given a shallow tread profundity. Not so with the Drive 4s. A more profound tread on the forefoot takes into consideration grippy footing which will dependably outflank most different shoes (worn by your adversaries) on a similar surface. Contingent upon your foot measure/shape, you may encounter an awkward break-in period, however that is no not at all like numerous shoes costing twofold! It runs consistent with estimate and has a more-than-satisfactory lower leg bolster include. One of our commentators specified this is an awesome shoe for level footers excessively given the curve bolster! It includes a pass on cut EVA sock liner padded sole which gives superior to normal padding and support, while the uncovered Micro G heel unit gives significantly more firm padding. At this value point, I’d be more than enticed to try them out in the event that I had wide feet. Tsk-tsk, I have extremely NARROW FEET!!!! (hello I’m not rubbing it in – in actuality it’s similarly as elusive a solid match for me as it is for you, now get off my case.